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What do I put in my portfolio?2020-07-31T11:24:10+02:00

When you create a website portfolio, think about what you are most proud of as well as what type of projects you want more of. Clear, simple and with that you could start getting more preferred clients.

Do I get a custom email address?2020-07-31T11:23:39+02:00

Yes, with each of our hosting packages we offer email setup. We even connect remotely on request to your computer and set it up on your email client.

Can I start without having a business plan?2020-07-31T11:23:14+02:00

In short, yes you can but it usually means that the site design with each section takes a lot longer to design and to create. Think of it as if you are going to the shop, but forgot what you went there for. Having a plan beforehand just makes sense.

How do I find a domain?2020-07-31T11:22:31+02:00

You can use sites like whois.com or godaddy.com to find an available domain name.

What is a landing page?2020-07-31T11:22:01+02:00

A landing page, also often referred to as a lead capture page is a single web page that is built with the specific intent to promote your product or service. It usually contains a lead generation form of some kind, or a link to purchase an item online. Having a great landing page could increase the effectiveness of a campaign, and improve conversion rates.

What is a domain extension?2020-03-08T10:02:50+02:00

A domain extension is the last part of the domain name. It is the part of the URL in your browser address bar that follows the domain name. There are more than a hundred domain extensions available, each with their own purpose and meaning. Try and use .com if possible, as it is the most popular and often referred to domain extensions on the internet.

What is a domain name?2020-03-08T09:59:08+02:00

A domain name also referred to as a web domain refers to a presence on the internet. It is used to replace the IP address of the server with a human-readable and identifiable set of characters, either on dedicated hosting or shared hosting solutions. Most domain names are company names, brand names or names of people or places. The shorter domains names are better, as they are easier to remember and type, although any domain names shorter than 5 characters are very difficult to come by and very expensive. There are also more than a hundred domain extensions available.

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